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  • Diana Rogers

    Words just can't describe this firecracker. Diana was a fashion icon, breathtaking performer, and avid collector of art and history. She inspired everyone around her and never failed to look good while doing it. Diana Rogers: Icon to all.

  • Diana Rogers Scholarship

    Diana always pushed to better the world of music and fashion. Through House Of Strut's colection of her pieces, we are building the Diana Rogers Scholarship fund for students who share her unique passions. With all Diana products sold, a portion will be donated to this hard-working individual, in honor if her memory.

  • Want to know more?

    Diana was a woman with a story. Many stories. Watch the documentary below to see the icon herself recap her star-studded, stylish life unfold.


    No explanation needed. The one and only Groove god, master of trap disco and ultimate fashion icon. A HOS original and forever inspiration.

  • What Does HOS Mean To You?

    House Of Strut means standing outside of the box and taking something with rich history and giving it a new life.

  • How does your style affect you creatively?

    My style gives me the energy & drive to keep going. If people don’t see or hear anything different how would they ever know about other experiences.

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  • Lavender Mist

    Not just a drag queen, but one of our favorite queens of drag. On the runway or on the street, Lavender is strutting her stuff and taking names.

  • What Does HOS Mean To You?

    House of Strut is a labor of love that I have been lucky enough to witness from the beginning. Through collaboration I have been able to elevate my drag beyond what I could have imagined. It is a culture center that is deeply rooted in Savannah's fashion. From the silver cuff that I bought on opening day to the suede three piece suit that I got on my last trip, every piece holds a special memory.

  • How Does Your Style Affect You Creatively?

    Having to wear scrubs every day in my “real” life, exploring fashion and drag creates a dichotomy that pushes my boundaries of my personal style. Personal style is creativity

  • Greta Schroeder

    House Of Strut's very own rock goddess. Lead singer for iconic punk girl group, Basically Nancy, Greta is one of our favorite badass lady performers. Greta really is a triple threat: Bold, Fierce, and Fun.

  • What Does HOS Mean To You?

    House of strut came into my life at the absolute perfect time. I was seventeen when I started working for Erica and I was eager to get into the music scene. Not only did Erica introduce me to the scene but she taught me so much more. House of strut to me, means DIY, it means bad ass, it means feminism, it means take no shit and look good doing it.

  • How does your style affect you creatively?

    I want to take advantage of as many forms of expression as possible and my personal style happens to be one of my favorites. I would say my style icons are the same people who inspire me to create the music I do. I’m so inspired by the music and musicians around me, it is all intertwined in my aesthetic and my passion.