House of Strut Owner and Creative Director, Erica Cobb Jarman, continues her flare for fashion through photo shoot & fashion video styling for both commercial and personal clients. A few of her noted clients include, Lex Apparel, a custom merchandise & apparel design company, Savannah Magazine and Accessory Designer, Bailey Akers. Enjoy the videos and images featured below to get a better taste of what House of Strut can do for your next styled photoshoot.



House of Strut offers styling and artistic direction for your next photo shoot. The Photo shoot Styling Service is offered in three easy steps, Consultation, First Fitting, and Final Fitting.

Step One: CONSULTATION - It’s a fashion consultation, a face-to-face interview with Stylist, Erica Jarman. This process will better under the clients needs, identify the style direction, gather measurements, create a timeline and define a 
budget. During this meeting, the client will pay a $100 deposit for
“hunting and gathering” time and effort. Stylist creates a mood board to confirm the creative direction and shares with the client. Once confirmed, Stylist starts sourcing. 
Step Two: FIRST FITTING - At this meeting, the Stylist, will have ready the look/s for the client to try. At this time, we may need to pin for any alterations and plan for shoes & accessories. At this meeting, client will purchase selected items that fits within allocated budget.
1 hrs time allotted - Cost $ allocated in budget 

Step Three: FINAL FITTING - Stylist will have fashion pieces and accessories ready for final fitting. If any items are “added”,  then client will finalize purchases at this time. 1 hrs - $ balance owed.

Step Four: SHOOT DAY - You can confirm Erica expertise on set for your shoot day.

Check out client, Lo' Kuntry, where House of Strut was the location and stylist for the music video, Control. 

Enjoy the fashion video for accessory designer Bailey Akers styled and directed by Erica Cobb Jarman of House of Strut. 



House of Strut owner and fashion stylist, Erica Jarman, will come to your house to raid your closet! The concept behind the closet raid is to guide you in
reevaluating your wardrobe and updating your look in four easy steps,
Fashion Interview, Closet Raid, Style Consult & Shop Consult.

Step One: STYLE INTERVIEW - A face to face interview with Stylist, Erica Jarman, to better under the client, their fashion needs and desires. This process will identify the style direction and walk the client through the Closet Raid process. 1 hr  - Cost: FREE

Step Two: CLOSET RAID - Raid your closet, place each piece of clothing into three categories, suggesting, keep, donate, and up-cycle. 3 hrs minimum / 5 hrs maximum per session - Cost: $75.00 per hour

Step Three: STYLE CONSULT - Stylist will pin board creative direction, pair looks together, inventory what is needed to complete wardrobe. 2 hrs minimum / 4 hrs maximum per session - Cost: $75.00 per hour

Step Four: SHOP CONSULT - The stylist, with or without client, will locate specific pieces to fulfill style looks. Pair looks together and provide images for reference. 2 hrs minimum / 4 hrs maximum per session - Cost $75.00 per hour

Finders Fee: Stylist will charge 20% a finders fee on the total of clothing purchased, not including House of Strut items, before taxes.

QUESTIONS? Email us or call the shop 912-712-3902