Black and Green Jumpsuit & Jacket 2-Piece Set by Flora Ashley 1980s

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This snakeskin plush jumpsuit set is oh-so ssssssexy! Wear it on your next night out to make 'em drop dead! 

Material: 79% polyester, 21% lycra 

Label: Flora Ashley

Made in: USA

Decade: 1980s

Size / Measurements: MEDIUM. This is an overall size for today. See measurement guide listed below in US inches.

Jacket: (Zipped Up)

  • Shoulder: 18"
  • Chest: 40"
  • Waist: 34"
  • Arm: 24"
  • Length: 20"


  • Chest: 36"
  • Waist: 28"
  • Length: 57"
  • Inseam: 29"

Condition: Very Good! 

Care: Dry-clean only

Disclaimer: Vintage items are unique and pre-loved. Please note condition listed. Items are sold as is. All sales are final.

Measurement Guide: The overall size is just a guide as every size shifts by decade. Every garment is measured in inches.

  • Shoulder: Measured from shoulder edge to opposite shoulder edge.
  • Chest: Measured from armpit to armpit on the front of the garment.
  • Arm: Measured from outseam, top of shoulder, to the edge of cuff.
  • Length: Measured from top of garment to the bottom.
  • Waist: Measured at the waist on the front of the garment.
  • Inseam: Measured from inner seam of leg to the hem.
  • Rise: Measured from where both leg inseams connect to top of the garment.