Women in Music: Basically Nancy

Women in Music: Basically Nancy

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Hey, Strut Stars! Boss Babe Erica at your service, serving you a big, juicy plate of girl power with Basically Nancy!

If you live in Savannah, you’ve probably heard of Basically Nancy: the all female punk rock band that’s taking over the music scene. Greta Schroeder, one of the lead singers and guitarists of the band, worked for me at House of Strut. Having known Greta for years now, witnessing her and her bandmates, Esther and Alayna, rise to the top is giving me some major proud mama vibes!

With Basically Nancy’s album dropping in the fall, we’re tapping our vintage stilettos in anticipation. Until then, we gave ourselves some satisfaction by partnering with Basically Nancy to promote their new album drop, hosting a badass House of Strut styled photoshoot and creating some sick videos for our YouTube channel.

To satisfy our hunger to know even more, I decided to interview Greta to get a taste of what it’s like to be a total Rock n Roll Babe. Let’s take a bite!

E: Tell us how Basically Nancy formed.

G: We were friends in high school and Alayna and I started playing open mics together and sharing our acoustic stuff with each other around junior year. Then, once Esther got a drum kit, we started plugging in and jamming with her.

E: It’s obvious that the riotgrrrl movement of the nineties is an influence on your writing. What areas of female empowerment are you addressing in your songs in this new album?

G: How I see this album is just brutally honest. Our lyrics are raw and angry and real. We scream about real shit we have had to deal with as young women. I think of this album as kind of being playful with the relationship between innocence and love and this “fuck you” energy.

(Snag Alayna's silk shorts from the '20s here!)

E: What are some of the challenges of being a girl band you’ve encountered thus far?

G: A lot of guys just don’t take us seriously. Sound guys would watch us load in, not say a thing to us, and try to not give us a sound check, and if they did they’d come and try to fuck with my guitar tone. A lotta bands would be bitter about the crowd we would bring and how most of them would leave after our set. They were probably especially bitter because we were young girls half their age, having played our instruments for like three years. This was mostly in the beginning of BN that we dealt with bullshit like this. I have to say Savannah as a whole treats us so well and shows us a lot of love and support.

E: Any girl bands in particular you admire? What specific albums are iconic to you?

G: Two albums that really inspired me from a young age are definitely Sleater Kinney’s first self titled album and Taking The Long Way by The Chicks. I am inspired by female musicians everyday of my life.

E: You are now an example for many young women who aspire to be musicians. What advice would you give a younger girl band?

G: Play music as often as you can for as many people as you can. Even if that means playing some half-written song for a friend or sibling, or whoever will listen, and go from there.

E: You have been playing together as a band now for 4 years. What has musically evolved between you all as a trio?

G: We have all just naturally gotten better at our instruments and are able to work off each other a lot better. I feel as if we are a lot more confident as a band now.

E: Tell us how the looming pandemic changed the course of Basically Nancy?

G: We were all in really different places before the pandemic. I was going to school in Ohio and was just staying home in Savannah because my school got put online. I was totally planning on going back and finishing my degree. When we started playing together again, I had this kind of wake up call and huge realization that music was what I wanted to do and now was the time to go for it.

E: You are recording your first “official” album under Graveface Records at Elevated Basement Studios. What can you share with us about your experience thus far?

G: It has been truly an amazing experience. It was our first time in a professional studio and both Kevin and Ryan have helped us so much. It’s been a huge learning experience and we’re also getting a fucking sick album out of it.

E: What have you learned about yourself as a musician from this recording experience?

G: That I fuck up a lot. That I’ve gotta be patient.

E: When someone listens to this upcoming album, what is the overall message or feeling you hope the listener may take away?

G: This is a hard one. I don’t know what the listener will take away, but I hope they let the lyrics have an effect on them, scream them when they’re mad, and dance to it with their friends.

E: What album or artist is on your playlist right now that you are digging?

G: I’ve been listening to alotta Upchuck ever since we played with them in the beginning of this summer. They’re so fucking sick. I’ve been really into this musician Anika recently too. She’s amazing.

E: How has fashion influenced Basically Nancy’s personal style? Who are your style icons? Where do you like to shop?

G: Music has a huge influence on how I present myself. My inspiration is somewhat ever changing and developing, but I’d say honestly Courtney Love. My mom is definitely a style icon for me! Most of my favorite clothes are old pieces of hers. I shop all second hand, baby!! House of Strut is my favorite place in Sav to shop. From working there for a year I think I acquired half of my closet from the shop.

E: When is the new album to be released under Graveface Records? Is there a tour planned yet? How can someone book your band?

G: We don’t exactly have a definite release date yet but this fall for sure. We are working on a tour right now with the help of our good friend Kyle Brown who is starting his own booking company, Dog Days. If you want to book us you can hit us up on insta, shoot us an email, or hit up Kyle! Basicallyynancyy@gmail.com or dogdayspresents@gmail.com.

E: How can we listen to your music? Where can people follow you to keep up with the band?

G: We are going to have our music released on all major streaming services: Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud!! Follow us on Instagram if ya wanna keep up with what we’re up to. @nancybasically

I don’t know about you Strut Stars, but I can tell we, at House of Strut, are gonna be drooling over this album once it drops in the fall!

Basically Nancy’s lyrics strike a chord with their honesty and “no bullshit” nature. They, as a band, own who they are unapologetically. I can’t help but wonder: Isn’t that what vintage fashion is all about, too?

Stay femme powerful, Strut Stars!

XX Erica

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