Take Back Your Femme Power w/ Curvy Gal Kate!

Take Back Your Femme Power w/ Curvy Gal Kate!

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Curvy Gal Kate on the Power of Femme Pursuit Through Fashion



Hey there, Retro Rockstars! It’s Kate, the in-shop seamstress, coming to serve you with some piping hot tea about the fashion industry.


This week, I’m dishin’ on the experience of women and femme-presenting individuals, and their relationship to the pursuit of femininity through beauty and fashion!


I would argue that fashion is one of the most democratic forms of art; EVERYBODY wears clothing and our choices are reflective of our individualism. That also means that nobody is exempt from making fashion choices, and these choices define our outward portrayals of ourselves!


Boss Babe, Erica, power-posed up!


Despite that, choosing to pursue femininity, especially in the workplace, is consistently frowned upon. Revolutionary thought (actually, not so revolutionary): Wearing a little glitter on my eye isn’t going to take away from my ability to do my job!


Society places terms like “bitchy” or “emotional” on women and femme people in female-dominated workplaces, like in the fashion industry, when our male counterparts are considered “passionate” and “competitive”. The negative characterization only exists as it concerns women.


It’s a double-edged sword! On one hand, when we actively enjoy traditionally feminine things like fashion and beauty, women are considered frivolous. On the other, under the male gaze we are expected to wear makeup and dress femme in order to be successful. We just can’t seem to win!


Can someone explain to me why femininity only seems to be an issue when a WOMAN chooses to be authentic to herself?


Rocker Chic, AJ, showing femininity doesn't need to be “girly”


This brings us back to the battle women and femme folks have been fighting for years, even outside of fashion: MY body, MY choice!


Even in television and film, women antagonists are dressed in hyper-feminine garb, villainizing historically femme hobbies and interests. The media only further dismisses women as serious contributors to society. We’ve stumbled into a whole new meaning of the Pink Tax!


Femme Fatale, Victoria, serving pin-up realness


Say it with me: FEMININITY HAS POWER!  Authentic self-expression is noble, not frivolous and unintelligent. The decisions we make everyday with how we present ourselves are substantive!


Women and femme people choose femininity for themselves, not for others. Our culture is patriarchal and preys on women’s self-esteem. Being yourself is one of the most radical ways to rebel against a world focused on tearing you down.


Larissa, our Poster Princess, makes me wish this dress was my size!


You can only find your most authentic self within, and it's one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself. No matter how you express yourself, here at House of Strut you are perfect as you are. Stop by and check out our vintage goodies. I guarantee you will find something that makes you shine!


It’s time for me to wrap up this rant, so I leave you with this…


Let’s rise above! It’s time we take the power back, femme fatales!


Catch ya next time,

Kate xoxo


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