Say It Loud: How To Make A Fashion Statement w/ Punk Babe AJ

Say It Loud: How To Make A Fashion Statement w/ Punk Babe AJ

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Say It Loud: How To Make a Fashion Statement w/ Punk Babe AJ


Hey, Vintage Vixens! It’s Punk Babe AJ at your fashion service. I’m ready to serve you the bold, sweet scoop on how to make a fashion statement.


Are you feeling fashionably stuck? Are you bored when you open your closet? Do you feel as if your wardrobe is blasé? Are you ready to be more bold and test your fashion boundaries? If so, this blog is for you!


Before we dive in, ask yourself a few questions: Who are you? What inspires you? Who are your fashion icons? What impression do you wanna make? And the most important question is WHY? Making a fashion statement comes down to knowing who you are first and foremost. The more you know yourself, the more confident you’ll be in what you wear.


Reminder: Don’t allow your clothes to wear you; YOU wear your clothes. Own it! Let’s do this!

Make a Statement...Literally



Now is the time to make our voices heard. With our political climate the way it is, the more vocal about our beliefs we are, the more we can make an impact. Why not make fashion part of your statement...literally?



Let this marinade for a moment: If you dress your body indifferently, you're sending a message that you have an indifferent attitude. I have a feelin’ that if you’re reading this blog, indifferent ain’t you.



What are some ways you can be vocal about your views through what you wear? It’s simple: Write it. Paint it. Stain it. Spray it. Put the actual words on your t-shirts, your trench coats, your denim pants. Create a patch and pin it to the back of your favorite biker vest! There are so many ways to make your voice heard through your wardrobe without even saying a word.





Layering is my top fave way to create a fashion statement. The options are endless! When I see someone layer a garment in a way I’ve never seen before, I’m obsessed and immediately want to try it myself.



This is where you get to really show off your creativity. Throw on some mesh underneath a silk slip (like this one <3), or a sick band tee over a turtleneck. Wear a denim skirt over a shirtdress (yes, you read that right) or a pair of distressed jeans under a sheer dress.


The High & Low



This fashion statement is HOT! It’s one of my favorite ways to pair pieces together to create a conversation around fashion. At House of Strut, we call it the “High & Low.” Pair a mega- femme top with a more masculine pant, or a pair of casual sneakers with a fancy dress. The purpose of the high & low is to surprise the viewer and to open up their world when it comes to what items they could pair together in their wardrobe.


Another way I love to incorporate a High & Low is to mix up textures. Pair a feathery top with leather, or silk with wool. There are so many different pairings that create an eye-catching look!


Go Big or Go Home




Ruffles. Sparkles. Embellishment. Spikes. Studs. Fringe. Tassels. Bold Shoulders. Mega-flares. Sky High Platforms. Think Dolly Parton’s hair: The bigger, the better!

Pattern Mix-Up



A House of Strut fave! We love pairing a ‘70s floral top with a pair of plaid slacks, or a brocade blazer with another patterned top. The key here is to stay within the same color palette to make it work, which can sometimes be tricky, but when it’s done right...ooohh baby, baby, it’s good!


Sparkles, Sparkles, and More Sparkles



You know we don’t shy away from sparkles here at House of Strut! Mix up different types of embellished sparkles, textures, and glitz. Compete with our disco ball! Make their eyes hurt! I dare you to do this while shopping for groceries. Who cares? DO IT! OWN IT!


The Biggest Statement of All: Not Caring About Outside Opinions


This fashion statement is the most important. If you can nail this one, you can nail them ALL. You know why? Because it means you’re owning who you are. That’s the biggest fashion statement of them all.


Wear the sparkles to the gas station. Don your finest shit to the grocery store. Wear the highest platforms to strut down the street in. Who gives AF? As long as you feel fly, that’s all that matters.


Keep doing YOU, boo!

Xx -- Your HoS Punk Babe

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