Noney: My Vintage Inspiration by Strut Babe Fatima

Noney: My Vintage Inspiration by Strut Babe Fatima

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Noney: My Vintage Inspiration by Strut Babe Fatima

Hey there, Vintage Vixens! Ever wonder who runs the social media page? Well, that’s me, Fatima!


I’m fairly new to the Strut Team. I can list tons of reasons why I decided to apply to House of Strut, but y’all would be here all day. The biggest reason was exactly what our big neon sign says: “VINTAGE.”


Ever since I was little, fashion was always something that spoke to me. I would constantly receive fashion design kits from my aunts and uncles and got the nickname “Fashion” by my grandma, or my Noney. She’s actually one of my biggest fashion icons! As I grew up, my dream of becoming a fashion designer faded away. Instead, I decided to pursue the business side of fashion and became obsessed with anything vintage, like this adorable paisley dress from the '60s!


The obsession began in High School when my Noney showed me photos of the amazing outfits she wore when she was a teen. I remember wanting to wear these pieces so badly, begging her to look if she had kept any of them. The idea of being in her shoes in the ‘60s, not because of the values but because of the aesthetics, was all I ever wanted. The coat, the belt, the shoes, the...EVERYTHING! She was absolutely stunning and elegant. There was perfection in each look she wore, and everything was always beautifully ironed and layered. See for yourself!

The one thing my Noney kept was a very special orange and white dress from the ‘60s. She ended up gifting me this one of a kind dress that she valued so much, and I feel so honored to wear it today and bring it back to life.


In 1968, she was a translator at the Mexico City Olympics. What a powerful woman, speaking Spanish, English, French, and Italian! Now, when I wear this dress, I can feel powerful too, just like my Noney. All that's left for me to do is alter it so it fits me just right!


The more my Noney talked about vintage, the more I started to understand its value, as well as appreciating that each item holds a special memory and energy. Vintage fashion tells a story and experience.

I'd like to say if a vintage piece is still in good condition after 53 years, it’s most likely going to last you another 50 years, so buy it! I want to pass this gorgeous orange and white dress down, as an heirloom for the next generations of future fashionistas in my family.


I just know that when you strut into House of Strut, you’ll find that special piece, too!

Xx Fatima

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