Poster Babe Larissa's Take On Vintage & Sustainability

Poster Babe Larissa's Take On Vintage & Sustainability

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Poster Babe Larissa’s take on Vintage & Sustainability 



Hi Strut Stars! Its Poster Babe Larissa here to share my thoughts about one of the many marvels of vintage fashion! One thing I’ve noticed being Brazilian, while growing up in America, was my family’s different views on vintage fashion.


My patriotism circa 2009


When I told my extended family I was working at a vintage store, they were super confused by the concept. However, It only took a few seconds for me to change their minds! 

They viewed vintage as hand-me-downs, rather than clothes that shared a story. But once I mentioned sustainability, they were 100% for it! That’s why I think we should promote eco-friendliness and sustainability to get rid of all the vintage stigmas.


Brazil’s passion for environmentalism and conservation is something I think contributes greatly to the entire movement. As much as I love history, it shouldn't always have to overshadow the other aspect of vintage fashion where it can affect your entire lifestyle and planet.


1979 Melissa Campaign

In fact, The article of clothing I get complimented the most just so happens to be my all time favorite sustainable shoe brand from Brazil, Melissa. Besides the name sounding vaguely familiar to mine, I love how they’re made from recycled plastic and continue to make the same styles of shoes since the early ‘70s! 


I took the liberty of looking up vintage shoes for sale in my extended family’s hometown, and the amount of affordable and amazing shoes were endless! I personally own their collaborations with amazing designers like Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld, and Jean-Paul Gaultier.


Comme Des Garcons x Melissa S/S 2021


I find that these sustainably-made shoes are the best accessory to wear if vintage can’t be the first option. My most favorite pair of vintage shoes, however, are my leather cowboy boots from House of Strut; I can’t get over the butterflies!



If these reasons didn’t convince you that Brazil is the spot for vintage fashion already, let's not forget most vintage shoes that have the best quality also happen to be made from Brazilian leather. Some of the boots we have in stock are twice my age and still good as new! Check out these sick leather boots we have!


With all that being said, I wish you all to feast your eyes this Holiday on some fabulous fashion and be on the lookout for all the glitz and sparkle this New Year brings.



Larissa <3

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