Photo Babe Jordan Talks Contrast!

Photo Babe Jordan Talks Contrast!

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Hey, Stunning Strut Starlets! Photo Babe Jordan here, coming at you with my go-to tool when it comes to styling: Contrast!


In photography, one of the first things you’re taught is that the human eye is most attracted to contrast. The human brain finds it satisfying. Whether we’re conscious of it or not, our eyes are always searching for it!



Visual contrast exists in many different forms. In photography, it refers to the range of values produced by light. For example, in this photograph of my friend Maddie wearing this stunning white sequined gown, I used the available light that pours from the window behind her to gently wrap around the edge of her silhouette and reflect back into the dress. The sharp highlight, glimmering sequins, and white dress against the shadows creates contrast.


But this is just a photography example! Contrast exists in so many different forms and when it comes to fashion there are so many options for creating contrast.



When it comes to contrast, there is color or lack thereof. Complementary colors are perfect examples of contrasting color. You can go monochrome and have a range of values from dark to light or color blocking with various bright hues. Another option is pairing bright colors with neutrals. My recent favorite is styling red and browns together!


Also, the hot trend of pattern mixing is absolutely a practice of styling for contrast! You can mix patterns based on color or by the density of the print. It’s all about finding harmony between the two where the patterns work together instead of against each other. AJ’s sweet street style in the above photo is a great example of pattern mixing. The large graphic print of the skirt paired with the tight checkered trench compliment each other rather than fight for attention. Plus, the pop of pink in the skirt is the cherry on top!



My personal favorite, however, comes with the physicality of fashion. Contrast exists on so many different levels visually, but fashion offers a special touch that comes with its material existence: Texture. Playing with the different textiles and textures brings an intimate experience when wearing a certain garment through our sense of touch, and pairing different textures together can create fabulous contrast. My favorites are furs, leathers, satins, knits, silks, denim, lace…everything!


The below photograph of our Strut Ambassadors Meg and Matthew is a stunning representation of how all these tools can work together to create killer style and contrast on many different levels.


First, let’s mention color. These are two monochromatic cream looks that are striking on their own, but especially against the beautiful red backdrop. Matthew’s striped pants paired with the marbling of the sheep skin coat lends to pattern mixing without being overstated. 


Secondly, note the gorgeous textures! The lace of Meg’s dress with the fur coat is a beautiful mix of textures especially next to Matthew’s satin pants and sheep coat!



Hopefully this has sparked some inspiration for you to create some contrast in your style. Strut on over to your closet and play! Experiment with different textures, prints, and colors to create a style that is uniquely YOURS and #strutyourstuff!

Xoxo, Jordan

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