Own Your Personality Through Fashion: Mia's Style Inspo

Own Your Personality Through Fashion: Mia's Style Inspo

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Own Your Personality Through Fashion: Mia's Style Inspo


Hey all you fierce fashionistas! My name’s Mia and I’m a stylist at House of Strut. I wanted to talk to you babes about my fashion inspo!


There is no one word that describes my style. I love mixing decades, colors, and prints, anything fun, bright, and colorful! I like to change my look dramatically all the time and take a little bit of everything and then add a little bit of spice to it.


I search for cool, one of a kind pieces in second-hand and vintage shops in order to find something special while staying sustainable: Different shapes, different colors and textures...whatever says “wear me!” When I come across a piece I feel immediately attracted to, the creative in me comes out and all I can think about are the different ways it can be styled. I feel excited knowing that I’ve managed to snag something really cool that other people won’t be struttin’ in!


Looking at the ongoing trends on social media inspires me, but Instead of buying exactly what I see on influencers, I try to find pieces similar from more sustainable businesses and mix it to make it my own.



Pop culture also inspires TF out of me! I have so many celebrity inspirations. My top inspirations have to be Betsey Johnson, Iris Apfel, and Marilyn Monroe, but I’d have to say my biggest style inspiration is Carrie Bradshaw, especially in The Carrie Diaries. I love the way her stylist combines bold colors paired with mis-matched patterns in a fun, unique way.


Can you guess what these well-dressed women have in common?


All 4 of these women pushed the boundaries of style and redefined fashion each in their own way. They all have their own individual and iconic looks that were influential in the fashion world.


“There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self-expression, and above all, gratitude.” 

- Iris Apfel


Something that doesn’t appear often in the media is the fact that fashion, specifically vintage fashion, is for everyone. Thankfully, that’s changing and it’s becoming more known and owned unapologetically, as it should be, throughout our culture. Anything can be unisex if you want it to be no matter size, age, or class! Check out our Photo Babe Jordan's blog post here for some major unisex vintage style inspo!




“Always have fun with fashion. Dress to entertain yourself.” - Betsey Johnson


My number one rule when I put an outfit together is to not wear anything that doesn’t bring a smile to your face. Fashion is personal. You’re the one you’re looking at every day. YOU are who matters most. Therefore, the best way to pick out clothing is to choose whatever you feel the most YOU in.


Personally, I feel most confident when I’m wearing a really funky, crazy outfit that I feel cool AF in because I know that I put love into my physical appearance, so I will then radiate love onto those who see me.


One of my favorite things about working at House of Strut is when I get to see people glowing in the outfits they try on because they truly feel beautiful. To me, that’s the most important and powerful thing that fashion can do: Make people come out of their shells to fully love themselves. 


Fashion is more than just pieces of fabric that cover your body. Fashion can create and build character in a person. The first thing I notice when I look at someone is what they are wearing and how that connects to their personality.


Your clothes represent you and they’re what shows who you are to the world. I always make sure that I feel confident in what I’m wearing so that I know I am representing my best self when I step outside.  


Your fashion choices can make big impressions on others and yourself so why not make them memorable? - Marilyn Monroe


Your style choices make just as big of an impression as your personality. I prefer my impression on others to always be memorable and I dress accordingly. If I can leave you any piece of advice, it would be to dress to be your best self and to make the most authentic first impression possible.


“Always be yourself. Retain individuality; listen to the truest part of yourself.” - Marilyn Monroe


Stay unapologetically fabulous, Strut Babes!




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