New Year, Old Clothes: A Recap of 2021 Trends by Poster Babe Larissa

New Year, Old Clothes: A Recap of 2021 Trends by Poster Babe Larissa

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New Year, Old Clothes: A Recap of 2021 Trends



Hey strut stars! Poster Babe Larissa here to give you the first blog of the year!


As we all know, vintage trends paved the way for modern fashion and are often recycled and revamped today.


So, to start the year off right, let's recap the most memorable fashion trends of 2021 and the decades they were inspired by!


Let’s first refresh our memory and look at the retro styles showcased in the 2021 Met Gala.


The Met Gala is always an event we look forward to every year, and 2021 did not disappoint! The theme, In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, paid homage to different eras in the past– like Old Hollywood and the Civil Rights Movement to name a few!


Some designers even referenced past outfits, like this stunning black Dior gown worn by Bianca Jagger in the 1981 Met Gala. Let's hope the first Monday of May 2022 is just as promising as the year before!




When it comes to masculine fashion, this past year was a major turning point in allowing society to further explore the spectrum of gender identity and sexuality.


However, this wouldn’t have been our reality if it weren't for the influence of past pop culture icons! Artists in the ‘80s, such as Prince, David Bowie, and Freddie Mercury, wore flashy and ornate garments featuring ruffles, pearls, and sequins, as a way to further push the boundaries of men’s fashion.


Giving men the liberty to dress like women is only the tip of the iceberg for intersectional equality, and it’s all thanks to the ‘80s!




Another new style phenomena I’ve discovered this year is combining defining elements and principles in past decades and creating a whole new style.


Personally, I like to blend the elegance in mid-century fashion with the edge and flashiness of more recent decades.


My secret formula to a stylish look is a sequin sparkle top, a chunky studded belt, and a luxurious rabbit fur stole!



Now let’s conclude things with an honorable mention of 2021 fashion! In my opinion, I think 2021 was the official revival of Y2K fashion. From the low-rise bottoms, tinted sunglasses, to bedazzled jackets by Ed Hardy and Juicy Couture! 


However, as much as we love the early 2000’s, House of Strut decided to focus on curating vintage up to the ‘90s– ending our Y2K stock with a bang by throwing a half-off sale. Naturally, I just HAD to pick up my favorite pair of low rise jeans I tried on in a past shoot!



With all that being said, I wish every strut star a happy new year and I suggest that your new year’s resolution be focused on vintage fashion, owning your true identity, and struttin’ your stuff!



Larissa <3

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