Decades of Halloween Costumes w/ Pinup Babe Victoria

Decades of Halloween Costumes w/ Pinup Babe Victoria

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Decades of Halloween Costumes w/ Pinup Babe Victoria

Hey there, Vintage Vixens! I hope y’all are struttin’ your stuff in this fab fall weather!


Now, I don’t know about y’all, but Halloween is my favorite day of the year! There’s just something about the costumes, the spooky movies, and the crisp fall air that makes my heart race! I thought I’d share with you badass babes some of my favorite vintage costumes throughout the decades. Grab your witchiest glass and your bubbliest drink and we’ll get to it!



One of my all time favorite decades has to be the Victorian era! I’m obsessed with its dark aesthetic and elegant silhouettes. Everything back then was handcrafted with a high level of detail and their Halloween costumes were no exception! This bat costume was very on trend for the time. I think it would make an adorable costume for someone to recreate today!



Twenty years later, we see hemlines getting shorter and costumes getting sexier! In 1920, the flapper girl was bold, high fashion, and carefree. I can totally see this costume recreated for a night out on the town this halloween. Just pair it with a little beaded bag (like this gorgeous '20s purse) and you’re all set! cute are these pinup gals? This little spooky group of gal pals are from the 1940’s. Clowns and witches were all the rage for costume inspiration in this time. Grab your pointy hat and some beautiful vintage lingerie to recreate this killer look!



When it comes to the ‘80s, the bigger, flashier, glitzier, brighter, bolder, the better! Pop culture influenced Halloween costumes in this decade since movie characters, pop stars, and fashion in general was bolder than ever. Everyone wanted to look like their favorite movie character or pop culture icon. Thank you, Cher, for bringing this iconic Cleopatra costume moment to the world!


Flash forward to the ‘90s with this KILLER Cindy Crawford moment. She’s decked out to the 9’s in Marilyn Monroe glamour. This vintage vixen look (one I love sporting all year round) will have all eyes on you this Halloween! Grab some pearls and a slinky white dress and you’ll be turning heads!


Alright, Fashion Fam, that’s all I have for you freaks and ghouls today! For more fashion inspiration, check out our Instagram! Whatever you dress as, remember to strut your stuff!

XOXO Victoria

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