Grunge Takeover: Punk Babe AJ's Fashion Inspo

Grunge Takeover: Punk Babe AJ's Fashion Inspo

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Hey, Badass Babez! AJ the Punk Babe here. I wanted to strut my meshy #allblackeverything grunge self onto the House of Strut Blog to introduce myself and give you a little lick of what and who inspires my grunge + punk style. Sit back, kick your platform boots up, and veg out to some style inspo with me.

Throughout most of my childhood, there was a hovering cloud of expectation of how I “should” dress. I tried wearing polo shirts, pretty floral dresses, and all of the colors just to please the people around me. I thought that was what I was supposed to wear. 

Fuck that shit.

There was a pivotal moment in my mid to late twenties where I realized that I wasn’t owning my true self. I was holding myself back from my true potential based on fear of outside judgment and it was a disservice to myself. So I donated all of my colorful, frilly clothing and said a flirty hello to the dark side.

Did people question this change in me? Hell yes, they did, honey. You know why? Because they were seeing me as me for the first time. It was liberating.


Wanna know who and what were the catalysts for my style evolution? My muses are full of grit, grease, and attitude. They’re the ones that make people ask questions. The ones who don’t follow the rules of fashion or follow the trends. Instead, they defy the trends by not giving AF about them. So hop on the back of my moto and rev down AJ Style Lane with me.

Of the Fashion...: 90's Revival: Shirley Manson

Grunge Music

The essence of grunge was steeped into me at a young age. As a child of the late ‘80s, I was born into the era of grunge music. I grew up rockin’ out to Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Garbage, you name it! Observing what they wore made me desire to have the same IDGAF look (and attitude). I was obsessed with tattoo chokers and little band tees. I literally slept in my tattoo chokers!


900+ JOAN ideas | joan, joan jett, blackhearts

Joan Jett

If I had to name one all-time favorite icon of mine, it would be Joan Jett. I could rave on and on about this revolutionary woman. Not only did she pave the way for women in rock and roll, she also looked bad AF doing it. I remember seeing her decked out in all the studs and leather (like this badass leather trench) and a big ass mullet and just wanting to be her.

Music Video Analysis: Frozen | Madonna, Madonna 90s, Madona

Madonna’s “Frozen” Music Video 1998

The first time I saw Madonna’s “Frozen” music video, I was lying on my living room floor doodling in my notebook watching MTV. When it came on, I was completely in awe. Her long black dress and henna tattoos struck me deep. There was something majestic about the darkness she exuded. I honestly think that seeing this music video when I was young pulled me to the dark, mysterious side of fashion and made me desire to communicate something deeper with what I wore than the obvious mainstream.

Pin by Xochi Patlan on Street Style | Fashion, Punk outfits, London fashion  week street style

Street Fashion

Currently, my style is inspired mostly by street fashion. Observing how other people style their garments in unique ways gives me new ideas on how to layer pieces of clothing and add texture and contrast. One of my favorite techniques of styling is layering. I geek out over finding all the creative ways to style a slip dress or a mesh top. Finding great layer pieces is also a great way to stay sustainable because you can wear them in so many different ways.

Another way I love to style is adding contrast with masculine and feminine. Wearing a lacy bra underneath an oversized denim moto vest (like this sizzlin' dark grey bra) or wearing a pair of rad wide leg jeans (like these babies) with heels are just a couple of ways I love adding contrast this way.


That’s all I’ve got for you today, House of Strut Hottiez. I dare you to strut out your door today wearing something in a different way. Test how far you can go with it. Dare to be different. See how many people turn their head noticing you in your truest self and give them a wink. You’re a badass and you know it. ;)



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