Curvy Gal Kate’s Guide to Plus-Sized Inclusivity

Curvy Gal Kate’s Guide to Plus-Sized Inclusivity

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Curvy Gal Kate’s Guide to Plus-Sized Inclusivity



Welcome back, Retro Rockstars! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Kate, the House of Strut Seamstress in charge of returning glory to some of our amazing vintage pieces that need a little love.


In my debut blog post, I’m shouting out to all my fellow curvy girls and dishin’ on plus-sized inclusivity and the importance of size accessibility in the vintage fashion industry!



Historically, the fashion industry and societal norms have catered to a petite body type, often excluding any women over a size 12. This is why it can be difficult to score cute, plus-size vintage finds. Stylish clothes just weren’t prioritized for larger body types.


As a plus-sized woman myself, I’m no stranger to the emotional fitting room breakdowns that ensue after trying on piece after piece that doesn’t fit my curves quite right. After all, clothes should be made to fit our bodies, not the other way around.




Let me just throw you a mic drop: We must unlearn the institutionalized fatphobia of the fashion industry.


As curvy women, we are often placed in a box, confined to certain styles and told to “dress for our body type.” For outfits that are deemed stylish and sexy on thin women, we get labelled terms like “frumpy” or “sloppy.”


If you’re curvaceous like me, I’m sure you’ve been fed the line, “You’re not fat, you’re beautiful.”


No shit! I never said I wasn’t beautiful.


When someone says this, they fail to realize that by acting as if being fat and beautiful are two mutually exclusive things, they are continuing fatphobic behavior.


Once we as a society reverse the way we perpetuate fatphobia, we can be true engines of change!




For years, fat women have been hidden away, stigmatized as something ugly or monstrous. Putting us on display removes that stigma, showing young, curvy women that being plus-sized is something to be proud and confident of.


Representation goes a long way! Like many of you, I’m sure, I’m much more likely to purchase a garment if I see someone else who looks like me wearing it in the media. More reason for our plus size babes to strut our stuff unapologetically! (Feast your eyes on this sexy slip skirt!)


Why is it that in a world where plus-sized women make up almost 70% of the female population, we are limited to a pathetic, little curvy section in most stores?


You know what I say to that? ABOLISH THE PLUS-SIZED SECTION! Integrating more sizing into mainstream shopping will help remove the negative connotation the world holds around the terms “fat” and “plus-sized.” Here at House of Strut, we do just that! We’ve created a color coded sizing system that goes simply by your waist measurement, removing “large” and “small” out of the equation completely!



Here at House of Strut, it’s very important that we celebrate everyone’s beautiful body and we prioritize having a selection of vintage garb for every curvy babe! Making stylish plus-sized pieces more accessible in an inclusive way is one of the next steps to liberating the fat woman.


To all my curvy ladies out there: Fuck the “rules” and keep doing YOU!


And with that, I bid you badass babes farewell!


Until next time,

Kate xoxo


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